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We believe...

...the best way to help our community's youth is through supporting families as a whole. Our goal is to encourage engagement with the community and provide those, who are often underrepresented, with a voice.

Poverty affects children's roles within their families, communities, and in society as a whole.  It denies children their human rights, and it leads to a vicious cycle of deprivation, which is difficult to break without proper support or assistance.

Forty-five percent of children in the Patchogue-Medford school district are economically disadvantaged. In addition to high enrollment, the district ranks 5th in the county in terms of suspended students and drop-outs.

Studies show that early intervention, like the kind PMYCS provides, prevents the onset of delinquent behavior and supports the development of a youths' assets and resilience.

For over 35 years, PMYCS has been working with a Pat-Med school district to provide counseling to address disparities, provide basic human services and increase students' chances for success. In addition to youth and family counseling, we also offer educational and mentoring programs as well as clothing, school supplies and nutritional assistance. 


Last year, the agency was able to assist over 14,000 people in the community.

PMYCS is a non-profit organization. Most of our services are free of charge to residents of the Patchogue-Medford community and are offered in English and Spanish. Partially funded by the Town of Brookhaven, County of Suffolk, and the State of New York, PMYCS relies primarily private contributions from the community through direct donations or through support of our fundraising events.

We provide services both at our Community Center located at 390 Bay Avenue in Patchogue and within the Pat-Med school district.

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